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Instant Rice Mix

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Instant Rice Mixes

The name itself gives the idea about the products

this mixes are useful just make hot rice and mix the powder in the rice serve according to the choice. Very useful for Lunch options. When travelling also useful and healthy.

Rich is Protein, Vitamins and Iron each powder has its own benefits good for health and tasty and yummy loved by all the age group. 

  1. Parupu podi (Mixed Pulses powder /Podi) - Rich In Protein
  2. Pudina Powder /Podi - Good For Digestion
  3. Coconut Rice Mix - For Taste and heart
  4. Thengai Powder Podi (Dry Coconut with Spices) For Taste and Protein
  5. Karvapillai Podi (Curry / Sweet Neem) Powder /Podi - For Eyes 
  6. Moorangai Podi (Drum Stick leafs) Powder /Podi - For Blood
  7. Agathi Keerai Podi (Omnipopent Spinach) Powder /Podi - For Blood and Digestion
  8. Angaiya Podi (Astachuranam for Digestion)Powder /Podi - Good for digestion and give appetite
  9. Sundaikai Podi (Turkey Berry) Powder /Podi - Good for digestion and Kills warms in stomach
  10. Manthankalikai Podi (Black Night Shade)Powder /Podi Good for Digestion improves the food habits.


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