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About Us

Life is about being holistic and healthy living where health is directly proportional to food we eat. In India we all believe in traditional and authentic way of preparing our food. Yet in today's fast-food world, the authenticity of traditional food is lost, and we have nearly forgotten all that was held close for a healthy lifestyle. Isn't it?

We at Sai Akshayam work towards innovative, chemical-free yet traditionally intact products prepared using traditional practices. Each of our products is prepared through rigorous traditional processes involving traditional and authentic ingredients. Now that you know what we do, you must be getting curious as to how we came into being! Right? Here we share How Sai Akshayam was born…

Sai Akshayam is the brainchild of Ms. Niranjani Prashanth, a thriving entrepreneur with an enriched HR experience of 12 years in the corporate world. Niranjani is an experimental cook who loves to take up new recipes and try out new dishes each passing day. With her fervent indulgence in cooking healthy and holistic food for all at home in the Corona Lockdown, she came up with a variety of Pickles, Magic Masala, Vadams /Vathal (Fryams), Herbal Cleansing powder and many more…..

The journey towards the birth of Sai Akshayam started with friends and relatives who devoured on the products that Niranjani created. In June 2020, the brainchild of Niranjani took form and was named Sai Akshayam and since then it is growing into a holistic, healthy and well-applauded debut with growing numbers of customers across the country and globe.

What do we make?

Authentic, Traditional and Chemical Free Indian Products packed and dispatched using either virgin lug jars, yera glass bottles or food-grade quality plastic packing. We prepare:

  • Pickles: Both South Indian and North Indian made using Cold-pressed Oils, Farm Fresh Vegetables, fresh spices, Himalayan Pink Salt with no preservatives, chemical and additives. We prefer to store and dispatch in virgin glass bottles. However due to shipping convenience, we store it in huge glass containers and freshly package in food-grade plastic pouches.
  • Masala Powders/Podi: Both South and North
  • Vadams/Fryums
  • Ready to Cook Mixes
  • Instant Rice Mix
  • Sweets & Saviours
  • Skin Care and Oral Care

Each of the above products is prepared using traditional methods and ingredients which are chemical-free like herbs, natural extract, fresh spices, Himalayan Pink salt, and cold-pressed oil. So, the aroma and flavor of the edible products by Sai Akshayam are authentic and homely.