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Dried salted Nartanga (Citrus aurantium)

per 250 gm
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Dried Salted Nartanga is a small, tart and sour citrus fruit that is native to India. The fruit is sometimes called the "Indian sour orange" because it is related to the orange. Nartangas are usually smaller than oranges and grow in clusters. They have a thin peel, and the white pulp inside is slightly bitter and sweet. They are preserved in salt and have a tangy, slightly sour taste. Which is very good for digestion. 

Nartanga is the key ingredient in South India's famous pickle. This citrus fruit is tart and sour with a fresh, enticing aroma. The color of the fruit ranges from green to yellow-orange.

We have used fresh turmeric powder , Himalayan Salt , sun dried.

No oil / OIL Free

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