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Mirchi Ka Achar (Chillis pickled in north Indian style)

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Introducing our mouth-watering Mirchi Ka Achar (Chillis pickled in north Indian style) - a true delight for spice lovers!

 Our Mirchi Ka Achar is prepared using fresh and handpicked green chillies that are carefully marinated in a unique blend of aromatic spices,himalayan salt and Cold press mustard oil. This traditional north Indian recipe guarantees an explosion of flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling with joy.

With every bite, you'll experience the perfect balance of taste. The spiciness of the chillies is enhanced by the rich flavors of the spices, resulting in a pickle that is truly irresistible. Our Mirchi Ka Achar is the perfect accompaniment to your meals. Enjoy it with parathas, rotis, rice, or even as a side dish with your favorite snacks. Its versatile flavor profile makes it a great addition to any Indian cuisine.
Its Made with love and care, our Mirchi Ka Achar is free from any artificial preservatives or coloring agents. We ensure that only the finest ingredients are used

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